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Alvin Wong
  • Anjo

    Anjo - 2012-09-15

    Hi Alvin,

    one of my friend is a linux driver developer, i've discussed hardware acceleration issue with him, he was mentioning if we can provide the following items he'll try to help out. btw i'm not a developer but i have a ipaq 201 which i'm very much interested in using android in it.

    1. hardware spec of the graphic chip
    2. hardware spec and schematic of the board.

    i'm not sure if this is already shared in some posts, but if u can guide me to get this info, then i can talk to him in creating a driver for the same.
    let me know how we can proceed on this..


    • Alvin Wong

      Alvin Wong - 2012-09-15

      Hi, I certainly don't have the schematic of the board. That is HP's (or Foxconn's) internal documents. (Well if you managed to get some of it then... you know what to do...)

      There is no discrete graphics chip on the iPAQ 2xx. The CPU (PXA310) has an internal graphics acceleration unit. I think it is capable of performing some simple operations. There should also be a hardware decoder that can decode jpeg and mpeg?

      For those please check over here.

      • Anjo

        Anjo - 2012-09-15

        Hi Alwin,

        can you please give a look at the link below and tell me is this what we looking for ?

        • Alvin Wong

          Alvin Wong - 2012-09-16

          The CPU is, but the document isn't. It only talks about the physical operation (electrical/mechanical/thermal). I've already referenced a suitable document in the page linked in my last post.

  • Radovan Obal

    Radovan Obal - 2012-11-25

    I would love to help out on the project, but currently I'm a bit fludded with project. Have a iPaq 214 my self, would love to see it put back in to use. :D Sounds like it could be fun.

    • Alvin Wong

      Alvin Wong - 2012-11-28

      What can you help? :)

  • a202sj

    a202sj - 2012-08-29

    I am a developer, willing to help. I have an ipaq 210 and woudl like to run andorid on it. Not ready to flash it, since I dont want to brick it. Thanks for the great work

    • Alvin Wong

      Alvin Wong - 2012-08-29

      Thanks. Did you have any experiences on coding Linux kernel drivers? If so you can help a lot. (I didn't have any experiences on that so development is tough.)

      Have you tried using the newest release and how does it work?

      To your worries of bricking the device, I can say if you don't care about Windows Mobile or you've already made a ROM backup by nanddump, there is no chance of bricking your device by flashing Android to it. I've tried and I am confident. And because the OEM Boot Module (OBM) located in flash can never got rewritten by any of the programs because protection had been done in the driver. There is no way of bypassing the checks (unless you compile the kernel or U-boot yourself and remove the checks). The boot from SD card BLDIAG.NB0 feature is coded inside the OBM, so even if you messed up the "mess-up-able" spaces inside the flash you can still boot from SD card.

      I won't force you to flash it, because the power consumption is still high and many bugs aren't fixed yet. But if you are going to develop for the device perhaps it is a good idea to flash it.

      • a202sj

        a202sj - 2012-08-30

        I am a dev of business apps.. but can understandlow level programming (programmed PIC several years ago)..

        I tried the flash option.. but no success, perhaps I will open a ticket. I would use
        Android if the bluetooth is working.

        • Alvin Wong

          Alvin Wong - 2012-08-30

          Yes, Bluetooth does work, but perhaps not at best performance because I haven't yet discovered how to upload the chip firmware. Also the bdaddr (Bluetooth hardware address) isn't working properly now and every time you start Bluetooth the bdaddr is randomly assigned.

          • a202sj

            a202sj - 2012-08-30

            Hi. I played with android yesterday, very good, thank you!
            otoh, I noticed the following (sorry, I couldnt find a way to open a ticket):
            1. When I try to send a pic from my cell phone to the ipaq, android detects the incoming file, but I haven't found how to accept it. There is a very small icon up right indicating the available trasnmission, but seems there is
            no where to click to accept the incoming file.
            2. Tried to install Torque Lite, but google play says that I have to use a shopping application, but it seems it is not there. How can I install this or other apps?
            3. Is there a way to properly shut down the ipaq? (turn it off)
            4. Where to start in order to help with development?

            Again, very good work, this brings life to my ipaq, thanks!

            • Alvin Wong

              Alvin Wong - 2012-08-30

              In response to your message:

              1. Pull down the notification area from the top.
              2. Google Apps are not included (due to copyright issues). As I stated in README file you can download gapps and use the recovery system to install it immediately after installing the ota package.
              3. Currently the recording button is configured as the power button. Hold it to choose "power off" to restart. Future release will have the proper power off function. See tickets for more information.
              4. Try cloning the U-boot and Kernel trees and build an environment to compile.

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