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This is the starting page for listing all the versions and modifications available in the iotaBuildIt project. If you make a modification you want to share, add a line to this list with the information necessary for others to play your modification. Make sure it includes a link to your own wiki page where people can comment on and review it.

If you have multiple modifications, feel free to:

  1. Replace your old modification with your latest, OR
  2. List your distinct modifications separately, OR
  3. Create a separate wiki page listing all your modifications separately, and link to it from this page however you see fit.
Author Last Revised Repository URI Revision Based on Title
bluemonkmn 5/3/2012 iotabuildit 408d42e6cd90 (Base) [Base]
bluemonkmn 5/13/2012 myiota c6f89f4d43bc 408d42e6cd90 [Blue Guy Message]
#Sharp 5/17/2012 TestPage(Delete) c6f89f4d43bc 408d42e6cd90 [TestPage(Delete)]
vincent1111111 5/22/2012 iotavincent efc793c229c6 408d42e6cd90 [New player controls]


Wiki: Blue Guy Message
Wiki: New player controls
Wiki: TestPage(Delete)
Wiki: game
Wiki: participate