#53 IOMeter lets to write on drives with partitions on them


As specified in user manual, IOMeter shows only empty
physical drives, i.e. those that haven't any partitions.
So, if I have '/' on /dev/sda1, it only displays '/'
hiding sda1, but it still shows whole 'sda' as
available for write test and lets to run it without any
warnings. I guess it should at least warn users about
the data loss in this case, or may be better hide all
partitions that are substrings of the device names that
have partitions on them or at least known to be mounted.


  • dmelnik

    dmelnik - 2006-07-30
    • summary: IOMeter lets to write on drives with partitions on it --> IOMeter lets to write on drives with partitions on them
  • Ming Zhang

    Ming Zhang - 2006-07-30

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    yes, at least should warn users about this.

  • gClBLHDzyCat

    gClBLHDzyCat - 2017-06-16

    This is a critical bug. On Linux, iometer 1.1.0 shows e.g. "xvda" block device as available for testing. That does not make any sense, if at the same time, the root partition which is mounted on /dev/xvda1 is shown also. Attached a screenshot of this case.

    So, the first thing is, like dmelnik said, that of course devices that host lower path structures like partitions, that are recognized by iometer, are hidden from the list of available test disk targets.

    Since a software like iometer never can surely determine that a block device is not in use, and the not-in-use case is normally rare, even if iometer cannot see any partitions ore other use indicators (e.g. LVM physical volume header), there should be a big red warning, that data on the device will be destroyed.

    Last edit: gClBLHDzyCat 2017-06-16

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