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Next version paused

I don't have to much time at the moment because of school. Exams will start soon to but afther that it's vacation.
In vacation I'll pick up again and continue developing of IntraMail.
I want to try to get it also working on linux wich should be possible with kylix or cross*
Until then,

Posted by Tim Boven 2005-05-07

Release 0.6 Alpha

I Know an Alpha again but it's only because I hadn't had any time the last few months to test it completly so a little help in testing would be welcome.
The new version has some little new features like SMTP Authentication & use of wildcards for your filters.

Posted by Tim Boven 2005-01-29

Release 0.5

Version 0.5 has been released, this version fixes some little bugs and has support to filter IP/Account for POP.
I've also added an analyser for your configuration, that finds errors in your configuration (basic at the moment)

Posted by Tim Boven 2004-10-08

A new package release

If released a new package: Extra Tools.
At the moment this package contains 2 new tools:
ViewArchive & AutoCreateFilter.
This tools are in Alpha-fase so I strongly suggest to use this package only for testing at the moment.

Posted by Tim Boven 2004-10-02

New version comming

Version 0.5 of IntraMail is comming, this release has a new system for remembering wich mails he has already downloaded. There will also be a new security-feature, you can configure wich IP's has acces (even specific per account) - also for SMTP (but without per account).
There has also been fixed some little code-bugs and made a lot of improvement in the code.
In the configuration-app there is also a new tool for analysing your configuration for errors - At the moment this new tool can only find big errors, but it will be improved in the feature.
And there will also be another new app (tool) for automaticly creating filters for mails that where placed in the NotDelivered-folder.

Posted by Tim Boven 2004-09-26

Release 0.4.1 - Fixes an Irony bug

This new release fixes a bug when you closed the app, it didn't close completly whit as a result the app didn't wanted to restart, ironicly the last big bug was a bug when starting the app.
I've also improved some little pieces of code.
It's recomonded to upgrade because you will someday want to close the app and restart for e.g. upgrading account-information.

Posted by Tim Boven 2004-09-16

Release 0.4 - Fixed bug running app after reboot

This new release contains some bugfixes but also some new features like archiving mails and an admin-account where the app sends messages to.

Posted by Tim Boven 2004-09-10

New version comming

There is a new version comming which solves a weird problem in some cases and only when the pc has just booted. This new version will also contain some new features and also contains an admin-account.
We hope to release this version within max. 2 weeks

Posted by Tim Boven 2004-08-27

Release 0.3.4 - Fixes memory leak

There was a memory leak found when disconnecting an internal user of the server. This release should fix this leak.
This release hasn't yet been tested for full functionallity but it should all work like it did before.

Posted by Tim Boven 2004-08-06

Version 0.3.3 released

Version 0.3.3 has been released, this version has no new features. Al what has been changed in this version is fixed some little bugs.
I recommend to download the newest release.

Posted by Tim Boven 2004-08-02

SMTP-bug fixed in 0.3.1

In our new release 0.3.1 there has been a bug-fix in the smtp-sender. It could send the mails to the external server the first time but the next time, the iteration wouldn't start. These mails where send when you restarted the program.

Posted by Tim Boven 2004-07-08

IntraMail 0.3 (with SMTP)

This new version has fixed some bugs while connecting. There is also a basic support for SMTP. The configurationapp is also in further development with an option to activate/deactivate logging.

Posted by Tim Boven 2004-06-25

Version 0.2 ready to use

Version 0.2 is ready to use, I've tested it and it works fine for me, but it's always possible there is some mistake I didn't saw but it's already a fine version with only POP3-support

Posted by Tim Boven 2004-06-18

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