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cc script

I submitted my version of the cc script that ships with Interix. The script was redesigned almost from scratch in 2006 to support multiple tools and compilers. I have been using it ever since and refined it after my own needs. The most notably feature is the support for the Intel compiler.

Posted by Jerker Bäck 2008-07-31

Visual Studio wizard for Interix

Finally a first release.
This is a wizard for manage and porting POSIX packages to Interix. Its main feature is the support for a common source tree, but there is also a GNU Makefile template and a Wizard guide for compiler settings in POSIX applications.

This is a BETA release supporting Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 (including Express versions)

The installer package simply copies the files. To activate the wizard in VS, the install script needs to be run manually.

Posted by Jerker Bäck 2008-07-30