#42 Just plain weird Reactions


From Anne:
In some metabolic pathways, some part of the pathway is not well defined, i.e a balanced chemical reaction is not known.
In such a case, KEGG creates the reaction with a comment "unclear reaction, bla-bla-bla". Would it be possible to add such reactions in RhEA.
In other words, would it be possible to have a status "temporary" or "unclear" or whatever you want which allows to store such reactions and to reference them in UniPathway or KEGG.
The future of these reactions is to disappear as soon as knowledge becomes available.
Ex: RhEA:24840

From Paula:

We need to decide how to deal with these. These are not standard reactions and personally I would not want them in Rhea however if it needs to be in then we need to deal with them. They need to presented as a UNCLEAR or unapproved reaction and perhaps have a different type of identifier altogether. We need to think how we will do this.


  • Rafael Alcántara

    This is a Rhea issue, not IntEnz'.
    Besides, it is implemented as PRELIMINARY reaction status.

  • Rafael Alcántara

    • status: open --> closed