Rhea Search Results

  • pmatos

    pmatos - 2008-10-31

    The Rhea Search results:

    1. The font seems quite small and difficult to read - can we enlarge it.

    I find the tables make it difficult to read - how about going for a clean look like IntEnz:

    Not have a background colour in the tables but perhaps something like:
    D-alanyl-D-alanine + H2O => 2 D-alanine  (Icons to other directions)
    Participant: H2O

    2. There are a few things missing that was in the spec:
    Search box on top of the page so the user can narrow their search and also a link to Advanced Search.

    3. Icons from the results page linking to each direction is also missing.

    4. Do we differentiate from Reaction search and Compound Search?

    • Anne Morgat

      Anne Morgat - 2008-12-18

      Test case: search by name or by cross-ref ID:
      The undefined direction reaction is presented twice whereas the directed reaction (-->) is missing.


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