#191 Rhea xrefs


I parsed the latest IntEnz XML data and the Rhea biopax release and compared the mappings of the two databases to each other. The following mappings from IntEnz to Rhea appear to be incorrect as the Rhea IDs were not in the Rhea release:

EC: RHEA:17400
EC: RHEA:15920
EC: RHEA:19648
EC: RHEA:24079
EC: RHEA:11391
EC: RHEA:19860
EC: RHEA:19864
EC: RHEA:17980
EC: RHEA:15940
EC: RHEA:20236
EC: RHEA:19916
EC: RHEA:15940
EC: RHEA:12079
EC: RHEA:17764
EC: RHEA:17600
EC: RHEA:19912
EC: RHEA:13524
EC: RHEA:16468
EC: RHEA:22759
EC: RHEA:21691
EC: RHEA:18516
EC: RHEA:17544
EC: RHEA:21563
EC: RHEA:14688
EC: RHEA:13168
EC: RHEA:13792
EC: RHEA:18944
EC: RHEA:20464
EC: RHEA:20636
EC: RHEA:23667
EC: RHEA:18680
EC: RHEA:11487
EC: RHEA:11279
EC: RHEA:24659
EC: RHEA:22151
EC: RHEA:12367
EC: RHEA:14088
EC: RHEA:19060
EC: RHEA:10011
EC: RHEA:22399
EC: RHEA:16584
EC: RHEA:20628
EC: RHEA:17448
EC: RHEA:17648
EC: RHEA:23331
EC: RHEA:27525
EC: RHEA:20420
EC: RHEA:14768
EC: RHEA:22763
EC: RHEA:10735
EC: RHEA:18060
EC: RHEA:11511
EC: RHEA:18948
EC: RHEA:10451
EC: RHEA:21091
EC: RHEA:10787
EC: RHEA:21791
EC: RHEA:16572
EC: RHEA:22875
EC: RHEA:18624
EC: RHEA:20360
EC: RHEA:16340
EC: RHEA:18972
EC: RHEA:10595
EC: RHEA:18800
EC: RHEA:18852
EC:1.14.13.n4 RHEA:24983
EC: RHEA:17152
EC: RHEA:17184
EC: RHEA:23067
EC: RHEA:13528
EC: RHEA:10923
EC: RHEA:19344
EC: RHEA:15632
EC: RHEA:11875
EC: RHEA:11595
EC: RHEA:17772
EC: RHEA:27340
EC: RHEA:16480
EC: RHEA:21455
EC: RHEA:16148
EC: RHEA:19724
EC: RHEA:11779
EC: RHEA:25855
EC: RHEA:25859
EC: RHEA:15072
EC: RHEA:22959
EC: RHEA:12680
EC: RHEA:14104
EC: RHEA:21767
EC: RHEA:11383
EC: RHEA:12315
EC: RHEA:21327
EC: RHEA:13844
EC: RHEA:24475
EC: RHEA:20755
EC: RHEA:23911
EC: RHEA:27420
EC: RHEA:12780
EC: RHEA:23255
EC: RHEA:26122
EC: RHEA:18600
EC: RHEA:20128
EC: RHEA:16524
EC: RHEA:13952
EC: RHEA:13956
EC: RHEA:21451
EC: RHEA:15648
EC: RHEA:11807
EC: RHEA:19232
EC: RHEA:10655
EC: RHEA:15440
EC: RHEA:21523
EC: RHEA:14436
EC: RHEA:15192
EC: RHEA:13984
EC: RHEA:18572
EC: RHEA:19192
EC: RHEA:12191
EC: RHEA:13460
EC: RHEA:27408
EC: RHEA:12768
EC: RHEA:24335
EC: RHEA:17300
EC: RHEA:21043
EC: RHEA:16424
EC: RHEA:24151
EC: RHEA:11715
EC: RHEA:12648
EC: RHEA:22019
EC: RHEA:18704
EC: RHEA:22567
EC: RHEA:12139
EC: RHEA:18012
EC: RHEA:14476
EC: RHEA:22567
EC: RHEA:18180
EC: RHEA:20652
EC: RHEA:20656
EC: RHEA:13736
EC: RHEA:13740
EC: RHEA:11643
EC: RHEA:11647
EC: RHEA:22463
EC: RHEA:10243
EC: RHEA:25116
EC: RHEA:17616
EC: RHEA:17228
EC: RHEA:10171
EC: RHEA:22095
EC: RHEA:16380
EC: RHEA:15312
EC: RHEA:25362
EC: RHEA:17724
EC: RHEA:20879
EC: RHEA:17724
EC: RHEA:13332
EC: RHEA:13808
EC: RHEA:24175
EC: RHEA:16912
EC: RHEA:24547
EC: RHEA:27305
EC: RHEA:24307
EC: RHEA:12131
EC: RHEA:19380
EC: RHEA:17868
EC: RHEA:17872
EC: RHEA:11475
EC: RHEA:10723
EC: RHEA:24055
EC: RHEA:14232
EC: RHEA:10207
EC: RHEA:11867
EC: RHEA:13028
EC: RHEA:24043
EC: RHEA:15240
EC: RHEA:16160
EC: RHEA:16164
EC: RHEA:24219
EC: RHEA:24223
EC: RHEA:14272
EC: RHEA:24631
EC: RHEA:24635
EC: RHEA:15236
EC: RHEA:13092
EC: RHEA:24239
EC: RHEA:20979
EC: RHEA:26493
EC: RHEA:18044
EC: RHEA:21831
EC: RHEA:14704
EC: RHEA:14708
EC: RHEA:15048
EC: RHEA:18752
EC: RHEA:18756
EC: RHEA:14284
EC: RHEA:20552
EC: RHEA:17360
EC: RHEA:14364
EC: RHEA:21067
EC: RHEA:13924
EC: RHEA:23135
EC: RHEA:17548
EC: RHEA:11439
EC: RHEA:12912
EC: RHEA:15620
EC: RHEA:21003
EC: RHEA:19228
EC: RHEA:21675
EC: RHEA:20416
EC: RHEA:16860
EC: RHEA:19080
EC: RHEA:21875
EC: RHEA:12111
EC: RHEA:10499
EC: RHEA:22955
EC: RHEA:18912
EC: RHEA:23015
EC: RHEA:11435
EC: RHEA:17552
EC: RHEA:22687
EC: RHEA:17252
EC: RHEA:23927
EC: RHEA:23751
EC: RHEA:10811
EC: RHEA:20080
EC: RHEA:13972
EC: RHEA:18580
EC: RHEA:13684
EC: RHEA:10027
EC: RHEA:21127
EC: RHEA:16500
EC: RHEA:23139
EC: RHEA:19612
EC: RHEA:23551
EC: RHEA:16788
EC: RHEA:11223
EC: RHEA:15432
EC: RHEA:10699
EC: RHEA:19620
EC: RHEA:24315
EC: RHEA:17880
EC: RHEA:21559
EC: RHEA:19572
EC: RHEA:22747
EC: RHEA:24003
EC: RHEA:24143
EC: RHEA:12612
EC: RHEA:16852
EC: RHEA:15200
EC: RHEA:16876
EC: RHEA:12708
EC: RHEA:11991
EC: RHEA:24455
EC: RHEA:19372
EC: RHEA:18280
EC: RHEA:16948
EC: RHEA:24383
EC: RHEA:14588
EC: RHEA:14872
EC: RHEA:10347
EC: RHEA:15280
EC: RHEA:20280
EC: RHEA:17020
EC: RHEA:16688
EC: RHEA:21999
EC: RHEA:16436
EC: RHEA:13928
EC: RHEA:19872
EC: RHEA:14264
EC: RHEA:11275
EC: RHEA:17472
EC: RHEA:11607
EC: RHEA:11611
EC: RHEA:17060
EC: RHEA:20240
EC: RHEA:15412
EC: RHEA:20975
EC: RHEA:11051
EC: RHEA:23527
EC: RHEA:15664
EC: RHEA:14060
EC: RHEA:18868
EC: RHEA:18776
EC: RHEA:16028
EC: RHEA:14568
EC: RHEA:15716
EC: RHEA:12083
EC: RHEA:17668
EC: RHEA:10099
EC: RHEA:17108
EC: RHEA:17652
EC: RHEA:10307
EC: RHEA:22839
EC: RHEA:21207
EC: RHEA:21995
EC: RHEA:20396
EC: RHEA:16616
EC: RHEA:14236
EC: RHEA:20328
EC: RHEA:11119
EC: RHEA:14444
EC: RHEA:15216
EC: RHEA:23995
EC: RHEA:18464
EC: RHEA:18472
EC: RHEA:10055
EC: RHEA:13304
EC: RHEA:16416
EC: RHEA:16900
EC: RHEA:15128
EC: RHEA:12668
EC: RHEA:17232
EC: RHEA:14996
EC: RHEA:22899
EC: RHEA:21031
EC: RHEA:11659
EC: RHEA:15524
EC: RHEA:15024
EC: RHEA:20264
EC: RHEA:12435
EC: RHEA:20492
EC: RHEA:12063
EC: RHEA:19184
EC: RHEA:17920
EC: RHEA:23907
EC: RHEA:10671
EC: RHEA:20508
EC: RHEA:23655
EC: RHEA:12343
EC: RHEA:10211
EC: RHEA:20735
EC: RHEA:16212
EC: RHEA:13656
EC: RHEA:21699
EC: RHEA:17380
EC: RHEA:18552
EC: RHEA:12888
EC: RHEA:24643
EC: RHEA:20096
EC: RHEA:15404
EC: RHEA:22983
EC: RHEA:19932
EC: RHEA:15624
EC: RHEA:18828
EC: RHEA:23711
EC: RHEA:16244
EC: RHEA:15300
EC: RHEA:11783
EC: RHEA:24171
EC: RHEA:23383
EC: RHEA:13868
EC: RHEA:15512
EC: RHEA:16060
EC: RHEA:14260
EC: RHEA:14696
EC: RHEA:17288
EC: RHEA:16640
EC: RHEA:23007
EC: RHEA:18028
EC: RHEA:21035
EC: RHEA:17500
EC: RHEA:22727
EC: RHEA:23467
EC: RHEA:20803
EC: RHEA:20028
EC: RHEA:10179
EC: RHEA:21551
EC: RHEA:19752
EC: RHEA:16556
EC: RHEA:23363
EC: RHEA:16208
EC: RHEA:14628
EC: RHEA:19948
EC: RHEA:19492
EC: RHEA:19168
EC: RHEA:18192
EC: RHEA:12531
EC: RHEA:20468
EC: RHEA:16224
EC: RHEA:16216
EC: RHEA:20911
EC: RHEA:23431
EC: RHEA:11927
EC: RHEA:17844
EC: RHEA:15712
EC: RHEA:15476
EC: RHEA:15408
EC: RHEA:15876
EC: RHEA:13824
EC: RHEA:17800
EC: RHEA:16044
EC: RHEA:22823
EC: RHEA:15640
EC: RHEA:21479
EC: RHEA:24451
EC: RHEA:24575
EC: RHEA:19024
EC: RHEA:23959
EC: RHEA:13576
EC: RHEA:15828
EC: RHEA:10859
EC: RHEA:18760
EC: RHEA:23027
EC: RHEA:18828
EC: RHEA:12640
EC: RHEA:15848
EC: RHEA:10071
EC: RHEA:13548
EC: RHEA:18724
EC: RHEA:18228
EC: RHEA:12579
EC: RHEA:21015
EC: RHEA:21843
EC: RHEA:18348
EC: RHEA:24367
EC: RHEA:12331
EC: RHEA:22255
EC: RHEA:21187
EC: RHEA:15748
EC: RHEA:16536
EC: RHEA:16044
EC: RHEA:24527
EC: RHEA:10235
EC: RHEA:15292
EC: RHEA:19156
EC: RHEA:16636
EC: RHEA:24107
EC: RHEA:19764
EC: RHEA:19152
EC: RHEA:21051
EC: RHEA:15364
EC: RHEA:18364
EC: RHEA:11823
EC: RHEA:18080
EC: RHEA:11947
EC: RHEA:11947
EC: RHEA:18916
EC: RHEA:11139
EC: RHEA:16440
EC: RHEA:18804
EC: RHEA:12303
EC: RHEA:20216
EC: RHEA:24645
EC: RHEA:13348
EC: RHEA:21243
EC: RHEA:21243
EC: RHEA:25689
EC: RHEA:26485
EC: RHEA:19956
EC: RHEA:19816
EC: RHEA:18220
EC: RHEA:17536
EC: RHEA:10903
EC: RHEA:15088
EC: RHEA:18788
EC: RHEA:22743
EC: RHEA:20512
EC: RHEA:13136
EC: RHEA:14916
EC: RHEA:13416
EC: RHEA:10387
EC: RHEA:12143
EC: RHEA:12620
EC: RHEA:23327
EC: RHEA:25040
EC: RHEA:27573
EC: RHEA:14808
EC: RHEA:13080
EC: RHEA:22039
EC: RHEA:10947
EC: RHEA:12876
EC: RHEA:19964
EC: RHEA:15672
EC: RHEA:19296
EC: RHEA:10599
EC: RHEA:10599
EC: RHEA:17992
EC: RHEA:19076
EC: RHEA:17992
EC: RHEA:17992
EC: RHEA:17992
EC: RHEA:15744
EC: RHEA:23359
EC: RHEA:15628
EC: RHEA:19432
EC: RHEA:12011
EC: RHEA:17992
EC: RHEA:12996
EC: RHEA:22007
EC: RHEA:15720
EC: RHEA:23055
EC: RHEA:21439
EC: RHEA:17992
EC: RHEA:17992
EC: RHEA:10219
EC: RHEA:22247
EC: RHEA:17992
EC: RHEA:17992
EC: RHEA:12804
EC: RHEA:21471
EC: RHEA:20336
EC: RHEA:17172
EC: RHEA:24183
EC: RHEA:15696
EC: RHEA:20332
EC: RHEA:16464
EC: RHEA:18676
EC: RHEA:23175
EC: RHEA:17304
EC: RHEA:15380
EC: RHEA:15360
EC: RHEA:17136
EC: RHEA:11427
EC: RHEA:15884
EC: RHEA:12956
EC: RHEA:17992
EC: RHEA:17992
EC: RHEA:22723
EC: RHEA:11863
EC: RHEA:11251
EC: RHEA:23883
EC: RHEA:19576
EC: RHEA:11219
EC: RHEA:18668
EC: RHEA:19420
EC: RHEA:10447
EC: RHEA:10279
EC: RHEA:12716
EC: RHEA:22091
EC: RHEA:11335
EC: RHEA:11975
EC: RHEA:12499
EC: RHEA:20931
EC: RHEA:22511
EC: RHEA:22267
EC: RHEA:13464
EC: RHEA:23451
EC: RHEA:18592
EC: RHEA:11347
EC: RHEA:17612
EC: RHEA:21251
EC: RHEA:22511
EC: RHEA:16332
EC: RHEA:19884
EC: RHEA:14788
EC: RHEA:10631
EC: RHEA:13676
EC: RHEA:21251
EC: RHEA:16336
EC: RHEA:20476
EC: RHEA:13208
EC: RHEA:22511
EC: RHEA:22099
EC: RHEA:13568
EC: RHEA:13356
EC: RHEA:13292
EC: RHEA:13584
EC: RHEA:20184
EC: RHEA:16764
EC: RHEA:21075
EC: RHEA:15120
EC: RHEA:12071
EC: RHEA:16916
EC: RHEA:18792
EC: RHEA:11671
EC: RHEA:10259
EC: RHEA:14652
EC: RHEA:18964
EC: RHEA:24179
EC: RHEA:17460
EC: RHEA:16588
EC: RHEA:12167
EC: RHEA:20616
EC: RHEA:14140
EC: RHEA:20791
EC: RHEA:14640
EC: RHEA:11111
EC: RHEA:13276
EC: RHEA:22555
EC: RHEA:16804
EC: RHEA:11403
EC: RHEA:15464
EC: RHEA:15464
EC: RHEA:24139
EC: RHEA:15464
EC: RHEA:11111
EC: RHEA:19736
EC: RHEA:16104
EC: RHEA:21983
EC: RHEA:24567
EC: RHEA:22731
EC: RHEA:25044
EC: RHEA:21167
EC: RHEA:22383
EC: RHEA:10103
EC: RHEA:19608
EC: RHEA:17312
EC: RHEA:12748
EC: RHEA:17104
EC: RHEA:10123
EC: RHEA:15948
EC: RHEA:17244
EC: RHEA:17780
EC: RHEA:20168
EC: RHEA:13580
EC: RHEA:15668
EC: RHEA:12960
EC: RHEA:23239
EC: RHEA:16644
EC: RHEA:17352
EC: RHEA:13544
EC: RHEA:12035
EC: RHEA:22579
EC: RHEA:15060
EC: RHEA:23031
EC: RHEA:13660
EC: RHEA:24463
EC: RHEA:19236
EC: RHEA:22115
EC: RHEA:21867
EC: RHEA:15020
EC: RHEA:20632
EC: RHEA:18056
EC: RHEA:15020
EC: RHEA:16348
EC: RHEA:24059
EC: RHEA:16728
EC: RHEA:13060
EC: RHEA:12487
EC: RHEA:14116
EC: RHEA:11011
EC: RHEA:10095
EC: RHEA:12928
EC: RHEA:12672
EC: RHEA:17128
EC: RHEA:21215
EC: RHEA:10687
EC: RHEA:19360
EC: RHEA:22143
EC: RHEA:13800
EC: RHEA:15596
EC: RHEA:12852
EC: RHEA:14936
EC: RHEA:10147
EC: RHEA:19696
EC:3.1.3.n2 RHEA:25032
EC: RHEA:20540
EC: RHEA:21443
EC: RHEA:19624
EC: RHEA:14492
EC: RHEA:15968
EC: RHEA:20188
EC: RHEA:24375
EC: RHEA:12972
EC: RHEA:13860
EC: RHEA:12992
EC: RHEA:18048
EC: RHEA:17264
EC: RHEA:21303
EC: RHEA:17112
EC: RHEA:16004
EC: RHEA:11071
EC: RHEA:15320
EC: RHEA:22291
EC: RHEA:20008
EC: RHEA:13148
EC: RHEA:12732
EC: RHEA:14488
EC: RHEA:24483
EC: RHEA:14244
EC: RHEA:14244
EC: RHEA:21491
EC: RHEA:17636
EC: RHEA:21115
EC: RHEA:12291
EC: RHEA:23983
EC: RHEA:16964
EC: RHEA:14120
EC: RHEA:24571
EC: RHEA:21351
EC: RHEA:23347
EC: RHEA:13428
EC: RHEA:14888
EC: RHEA:20787
EC: RHEA:14496
EC: RHEA:17088
EC: RHEA:19040
EC: RHEA:22547
EC: RHEA:16908
EC: RHEA:12848
EC: RHEA:15568
EC: RHEA:12159
EC: RHEA:11719
EC: RHEA:12023
EC: RHEA:10467
EC: RHEA:10035
EC: RHEA:16444
EC: RHEA:17520
EC: RHEA:17508
EC: RHEA:10355
EC: RHEA:11003
EC: RHEA:18300
EC: RHEA:18312
EC: RHEA:17584
EC: RHEA:24423
EC: RHEA:23511
EC: RHEA:20404
EC: RHEA:18092
EC: RHEA:22455
EC: RHEA:21531
EC: RHEA:23999
EC: RHEA:16840
EC: RHEA:20352
EC: RHEA:15368
EC: RHEA:13076
EC: RHEA:14388
EC: RHEA:15208
EC: RHEA:12195
EC: RHEA:22387
EC: RHEA:16996
EC: RHEA:24323
EC:3.6.1.n1 RHEA:25350
EC:3.6.1.n2 RHEA:25354
EC:3.6.1.n3 RHEA:25337
EC: RHEA:14992
EC: RHEA:23439
EC: RHEA:20364
EC: RHEA:14676
EC: RHEA:23123
EC: RHEA:21515
EC: RHEA:21775
EC: RHEA:11039
EC: RHEA:15600
EC: RHEA:23395
EC: RHEA:22527
EC: RHEA:23627
EC: RHEA:19264
EC: RHEA:18456
EC: RHEA:14432
EC: RHEA:23063
EC: RHEA:15184
EC: RHEA:10851
EC: RHEA:11195
EC: RHEA:22191
EC: RHEA:12075
EC: RHEA:16196
EC: RHEA:11047
EC: RHEA:19084
EC: RHEA:22191
EC: RHEA:18780
EC: RHEA:10675
EC: RHEA:18936
EC: RHEA:24649
EC: RHEA:26114
EC: RHEA:20727
EC: RHEA:19116
EC: RHEA:11567
EC: RHEA:13100
EC: RHEA:18268
EC: RHEA:18152
EC: RHEA:12676
EC: RHEA:23503
EC: RHEA:27396
EC: RHEA:18808
EC: RHEA:20927
EC: RHEA:18124
EC: RHEA:22651
EC: RHEA:20144
EC: RHEA:22427
EC: RHEA:13732
EC: RHEA:11319
EC: RHEA:18320
EC: RHEA:10663
EC: RHEA:23495
EC: RHEA:20200
EC: RHEA:21087
EC: RHEA:15832
EC: RHEA:16240
EC: RHEA:14712
EC: RHEA:23571
EC: RHEA:22379
EC: RHEA:13624
EC: RHEA:12155
EC: RHEA:13484
EC: RHEA:19652
EC: RHEA:19096
EC: RHEA:16016
EC: RHEA:14308
EC: RHEA:17776
EC: RHEA:23543
EC: RHEA:20124
EC: RHEA:20304
EC: RHEA:24083
EC: RHEA:19416
EC: RHEA:17316
EC: RHEA:18352
EC: RHEA:18400
EC: RHEA:14480
EC: RHEA:19280
EC: RHEA:24627
EC: RHEA:20795
EC: RHEA:12543
EC: RHEA:20104
EC: RHEA:22663
EC: RHEA:23791
EC: RHEA:14292
EC: RHEA:15424
EC: RHEA:19392
EC: RHEA:10755
EC: RHEA:24027
EC: RHEA:22183
EC: RHEA:10583
EC: RHEA:18884
EC: RHEA:17796
EC: RHEA:19464
EC: RHEA:17608
EC: RHEA:17356
EC: RHEA:13280
EC: RHEA:23891
EC: RHEA:11207
EC: RHEA:24379
EC: RHEA:13504
EC: RHEA:11759
EC: RHEA:23671
EC: RHEA:14516
EC: RHEA:17524
EC: RHEA:13976
EC: RHEA:13344
EC: RHEA:19124
EC: RHEA:23979


  • Rafael Alcántara

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  • Rafael Alcántara

    Dear GirlWithGlasses,

    Thanks for notifying this.
    You are right, those Rhea identifiers should not have appeared in the IntEnzXML in the first place, as they require some manual curation and are not released yet.
    Please bear with us until they get a public status. Meanwhile, we will fix the XML export so that it only includes public Rhea IDs (hopefully for next week's release).
    As this is not really an error in the data but in the export code, I will move this ticket to the bugs tracker.

    Thanks again,


  • Rafael Alcántara

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Rafael Alcántara

    Fixed. The next release - next week - will include only public Rhea IDs in IntEnzXML.