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instlux is part of the openSUSE project

instlux became part of the openSUSE project with the 10.3 public release of openSUSE. The instlux project will no longer be mantained here, but at the openSUSE community, which is a big community and I am very proud of contributing the project to it.

So, from now on:


bug traquer:

support (forums, mailing lists, etc.): read more

Posted by jordi_massaguer_pla 2008-03-05

instlux in the openSUSE roadmap

The openSUSE team has announced the openSUSE10.3 roadmap.

The next version of openSUSE will include very exciting features. One of them will be the instlux itself!

Instlux and openSUSE have been working on that since fosdem2007 and it will include some new features.

Also, some collaboration is being done between instlux and the "goodbye-microsoft" project in order to share some code.... read more

Posted by jordi_massaguer_pla 2007-05-09

OpenSuSE installation with NO DVD or CDROM at all

During the Fosdem2007 weekend, a new version of instlux has been released so that OpenSuSE10.2 can be installed from windows without any CDROM or DVDROM but internet connection. Download it and give it a try!

Posted by jordi_massaguer_pla 2007-02-23

Linkat 1.0 and instlux

A version for the Linkat, the oficial Catalan linux distribution for educational purposes of the catalan government, has been released. Check it out at the downloads page.

Posted by jordi_massaguer_pla 2007-01-28

OpenSuSE10.2 and instlux

the new version of instlux has added support for the OpenSuSE10.2. Now, you can install OpenSuSE10.2 from Windows without configuring the BIOS.

Posted by jordi_massaguer_pla 2007-01-20

Your five dolars for instlux and ubuntu

Would you like to see instlux working with the new ubuntu 6.10?

If so, donate your five dolars to it before December 1st and contribute to the future of instlux and ubuntu.

The work needed for building the next version has been estimated on 600 dolars. With the little help of a small comunity this could be got, and instlux for ubuntu 6.10 could be implemented as an open source and comunity project.

Let's make installing ubuntu from windows easier!... read more

Posted by jordi_massaguer_pla 2006-11-14

First anniversary

Monday, November 13th, was the first anniversary. One year ago, the first release of instlux was out.

During this year, instlux has been downloaded almost 50000 times, translated to 20 languages, and started a small comunity based on the web forums, as well as got some feedback throw the different tools available at the sourceforge.

Instlux could not be a reality without all those people who has downloaded and contributed in some way. Thank you very much!... read more

Posted by jordi_massaguer_pla 2006-11-14

First free software university contest in Spain

Project instlux is helping with the organization of the "First free software university contest in Spain".

Spanish students have the opportunity to work on a real free software project and get some money in return.

For more information:

Posted by jordi_massaguer_pla 2006-10-04

instlux 5.0: updated to Ubuntu 6.06 and OpenSuSE10.1

Instlux 5.0 has been released! This new release has been splitted into two packages: instlux for Ubuntu and instlux for OpenSuSE.

Instlux for Ubuntu supports Ubuntu 6.06.
Instlux for OpenSuSE support OpenSuSE10.1.

Basque translation has been added to both.

With this release, it has been uploaded a python script that creates instlux for both distros and for all the languages, making it more easy to mantain, as well as encouraging others to participate.

Posted by jordi_massaguer_pla 2006-06-12

instlux4.0 translated to 18 languages

Instlux, a linux from windows installer, has been translated into 18 languages on its 4.0 release.

Also, a new design has been implemented, as well as a home page. Check it out at

Posted by jordi_massaguer_pla 2006-05-29

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