lintest - 2007-06-19

i install instlux from the windows side,this being opensuse version. It asks to reboot which i did but got an error at bootup menu with cannot found windows systems file or partition. I check the partition  from other windows with part.. magic 8 which says drive was convert to ext3. I've install suse 10.2 from dvd. When it restarted i choose windows side but the error message for hal.exe to re-install. I know when you get this error that windows is looking for the partition from the boot.ini and ive not switch boot    partition yet. My question is this - is instlux suppose to convert ntfs to ext3 or something happen during installation and reboot periods.

I've 2 hard drive - size 200g and 300g. Each drive has different sizes in partition, the 200drive has 3 partition- 2 OSs 79g+40g and data storage 20g and the rest unformatted. 300drive - 2 partition 100g data stoage and 50g for other OS.