Bloated and no warnings

  • sesammases

    sesammases - 2006-02-14

    This is a 10MB download that does what some scripts could already manage.
    Please, see if your developer environment can squeeze this. (Perhaps as easy as moving the actual code into a native EXE-project?)

    Where's the source by the way, I didn't find it in the CVS (or in any installed folder)?
    (Can we actually know this EXE doesn't do all sorts of things?)

    Also, I tried this on a Windows 98-machine and the result was some changing of files. Whishful thinking perhaps, but the statement in the Wiki is true: it does exactly (and only) what's detailed in the wiki-page:

    • jordi_massaguer_pla

      You can download the source from the files section:

      The sources have been always published since the beginning of the project.

      The reason why it is a 10MB EXE is that in that exe you have a linux kernel, drivers, and other boot files. All of them are gzipped before being included into the exe file. I am sure some tunning could be tried, so I encourage you to do it and your results could be included in next release.

      Thanks for the feedback,

      jordi massaguer pla


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