#13 Next > button not enabled after upgrade to IJ 1.2b1


I have a project that I upgraded inside the new version of install jammer that no longer works when executing an external program. The external program executes correctly and its output is returned to the correct widget, but my re-enabling of the Next > button in the window never happens.

I have a precondition that is disable next button. I then execute the program (wait for result=yes, show output = yes, and ExternalProgramResult and ExternalProgramStatus are the 2 virtual text that things get written to. I have a condition on the next modify widget task which re-enables the next button that is a string condition where the ExternalProgramResult does not equal "". This worked in the old version of Install Jammer (1.1). I tried switching this to a string condition with ExternalProgramStatus equal to "0" and that didn't work either.

Any ideas?


  • bkbugzilla

    bkbugzilla - 2007-06-13

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    I just rolled back the installerjammer version to 1.1.2, rebuilt my installer and this works correctly, so something is broken in 1.2b1.

  • Damon Courtney

    Damon Courtney - 2007-07-23
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  • Damon Courtney

    Damon Courtney - 2007-07-23

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    This was a bug in the Execute External Program action that should be fixed in the 1.2b2 release.


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