InstallJammer 1.2.3 Released!

[26 October 2007]

ANNOUNCE: InstallJammer Multiplatform Installer, version 1.2.3

The InstallJammer Team is pleased to announce the release of
InstallJammer 1.2.3!

This release is a minor bug fix release.

~ What is it?

InstallJammer is a free, open source, multiplatform
GUI installer and builder designed to be completely
cross-platform and function on Windows and most all
version of UNIX with eventual support for Mac OS X.

InstallJammer Features:

* A full-featured install builder.
* Installs are packaged in single binary executables for
each platform making web distribution easy.
* Support for multiple install themes.
* Default install themes that resemble popular, commercial
* A high level of configurability.
* Built-in support for Windows and Linux conventions.
* Automatic creation of an uninstaller.
* Easily extended to new platforms.

~ What's New in 1.2.3

The following is a list of some of the changes in
InstallJammer 1.2.3. A complete list can be found in
the Release Notes in the documentation. The complete
ChangeLog is also included with each source release.

The following are some of the change in version 1.2.3.
See the Release Notes for full details.

* Fixed a bug where new projects would fail during
testing with an error about missing Install Actions.

* Fixed a bug in Add Windows Registry Key.

* Fixed a bug where opening multiple projects in a
single session might cause builds to output to the
wrong directory.

~ Availability:

Home page:

Downloads are available at:

Feedback and bug reports are greatly appreciated.

The InstallJammer Team

Posted by Damon Courtney 2007-10-27

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