#118 examples for verifying installjammer


At present, when running into a problem it is hard to know if you (as end user) did something wrong, or if installjammer has a bug.
Therefore, it would really help to have one or a few small example projects that can be used to verify that the basic behaviour of installjammer is correct.

For example, installerjammer could ship with an example.mpi project that:
- has a start.bat file that (on Windows) prints a message on the console and asks the user to press a key
- has a start.sh file that does the same thing on linux
- has an custom icon (I suppose that shortcuts on Windows or Linux can use this icon to represent the installed 'example' program, although I did not yet succeed with this)
- installs these files on Linux or Windows, allowing the user to place shortcuts on the desktop and in the Applications (or Programs) menu

If you run into a problem, I could first check whether the problem occurs the example project that ships with installjammer.


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