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InspIRCd Beta 6 with stable linking released

Yesterday, InspIRCd 1.0 Beta 6 was released, which finally includes stable, powerful and efficient linking support.

InspIRCd is an expandable, high-performance, modular and compact IRC Server written in C++, which has many features and runs on Linux, *BSD, and Windows.

Download link:

Posted by Craig Edwards 2005-12-11

InspIRCd Beta 5 released with windows support

A lot has happened since beta4, we have been relatively quiet whilst working on our master plan.. SPEEEED! InspIRCd now performs many times faster than it did in previous versions, We have added new socket engine implementations, and added support for many new Operating systems (Including the long awaited windows build), added support for some other compilers, eaten cheese, added a couple of new modules, as well as some new configure flags to help customise your IRC experience!... read more

Posted by Craig Edwards 2005-05-28

InspIRCd IRC Server version Alpha-12 is released

InspIRCd is a lightweight C++ irc server which is fully modular offering most of the abilities of other ircds. Alpha 12 has been released today which fixes some broken mode changes in the services module, now compiles properly with GCC3.4, AMD64 and GCC2.95, also new modules have been added (yet more features!) and the ircd will now work with BOPM. Please see our forums for futher information at

Posted by Craig Edwards 2005-03-25

InspIRCd Alpha 10 released

Finally, InspIRCd alpha 10 has been released, which as promised features server linking and more modules, and stability fixes finally making inspircd something you could use on a small to medium sized network.

There are many hundreds of new features and fixes in this version (as 9.5 was just a stopgap), here are a few of them:

* Added server linking support (tcp based mesh link)
* Lots of stability fixes
* Speed improvements
* Optimisations, no longer eats cpu so much
* GCC3 and GCC2 support
* Even bigger module API
* More documentation
* m_antibottler, labels bottler bots
* m_chghost, gives you a /chghost command
* m_cloaking, gives you hostname cloaking and mode +x
* m_filter, filters glob patterns on channels and private
* m_globops, provides /GLOBOPS and mode +g support
* m_helpop, gives /HELPOP and mode +h support
* m_sajoin, force-join a user to a channel
* m_sapart, force-part a user from a channel
* m_samode, force a mode change on a user or channel
* m_saquit, force a quit of a client without /kill
* m_sethost, allows opers to change their hostmasks
* m_setname, allows users to change their name
* HELPOP documentation accessible with the helpop module loaded
* Split the ircd into many smaller files for faster compiling
* Improved configure and makefile phase
* Added all oper commands (CONNECT, SQUIT etc)
* Added remaining server->server commands such as /MAP
* Connection pooling, uses less CPU for the same tasks as before
* High-powered server to server link protocol unlike any other ircd... read more

Posted by Craig Edwards 2004-04-20

InspIRCd-1.0[Alpha1] Released!

This is a general Bug fix release, It prevents the IRCd crashing when mirc does one of its weird commands.

Posted by Craig McLure 2002-09-24

InspIRCd-1.0[Alpha0] Released!

Today saw the release of this Projects First File. Its still in heavy alpha, and has many features missing, But for all of you who want to give it a test run to check its stability and report bugs, feel free!

Posted by Craig McLure 2002-09-22