Inquisitor 3.0 release

Inquisitor is a mature hardware diagnostics, stress testing,
certification and monitoring platform, running on GNU/Linux. It's
suitable for both enterprise and home use, customizable, modular and
available in standalone version, server-controlled network boot
production system and serverless Live CD format.

Inquisitor team is pleased to announce Inquisitor v3.0 - a first major
open-source version of the platform. After initial announcement of
Inquisitor branch 3.x in August 2007, it's a fruit of almost a year of

Inquisitor version 3 is a major redesign of older 1.x and 2.x systems.
New features:

  • Modularity: it consists of dozens of interconnected and
    interchangeable modules with well-defined API; one can easily add new
    modules to add new tests, detections, production steps, etc.

  • Three varieties: standalone (runs on top of already installed OS),
    live CD (can be used to analyse/test just one home computer), enterprise
    (server-controller network boot).

  • Flexibility: every test parameter can be adjusted, all system can be

  • Server-controlled testing: server-based version includes a database
    that stores all the data on all computers that were tested by
    Inquisitor. If only some parts of hardware will change, clever scheduler
    won’t redo all the long testing, but only tests relevant to hardware

For those who would like to try Inquisitor, the easiest way is to download
a 130MB ISO, available for both x86 and x86_64 from

Comments and especially bug reports are welcome.

Posted by Sergey Matveev 2008-07-20

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