Version 1.4.1 of the innotop MySQL monitor released

Today's release of innotop 1.4.1 fixes a few minor bugs that might cause innotop
to crash or not display some data.

The innotop MySQL and InnoDB monitor is a powerful interactive console-based
tool that lets you see what's happening inside your MySQL server as it happens.
It's like the UNIX top program for MySQL, on steroids. It can monitor current
queries; status information; InnoDB internals including current transactions,
deadlocks, foreign keys, row operations, buffers, logs, I/O, semaphores and lock
waits; replication status (master and slave both); open tables; and more. It is
designed to monitor many servers at once, and has powerful filters, colorization
rules and sorting to help you concentrate on what matters. It is a MySQL DBA's
best friend.

Project homepage:
Download 1.4.1:

Posted by Anonymous 2007-03-29

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