innotop 1.0.1 and 1.3.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of 1.0.1 and 1.3.0 versions of the innotop MySQL and InnoDB monitor.

Version 1.0.1 contains minor, non-functional bug fixes and tweaks. The 1.0 debian package already included the important one (a mangled man page).

Version 1.3.0 contains a snapshot of the development branch which will become 1.4, and eventually 2.0. Some of the new features are a bit rough, and documentation and other niceties are lagging. Significant changes include non-interactive operation for use in scripting and other command-line jobs, monitoring many servers at once, and a new mode to help you monitor master/slave server status.

Posted by Baron Schwartz 2007-01-16