Well, I still may not have made your work obselete. After all, all I've done is replace the GtkWindow* of SPDesktop::window with Gtk::Window*. It was a relatively simple fix to go through all the dependancies and change all those. For proper Gtkmmification, SPDesktop should probably be turned from a struct to a class, retagged "Inkscape::UI::Desktop" (or something), and derrived from Gtk::Window. This would be a proper job of it. My change is a sort of most minimal gtkmmification.

From: MenTaLguY <mental@rydia.net>
Sent: 30 July 2007 10:08
To: ralf@ark.in-berlin.de
Subject: Re: [Inkscape-devel] Gtkmmifying the desktop window object

On Mon, 2007-07-30 at 08:22 +0200, Ralf Stephan wrote:
> Oh yes, I certainly did nothing of the sort.
> As I demonstrated to mental long, long ago, the only what was
> missing in my implementation was correct zooming.

If I'd been aware that Joel was working on gtkmmification before (I've
not been following development very closely for the past few months), I
would've suggested he finish the work you nearly completed.

As it is, I'm just relieved the task is finally done! I don't mean to
denigrate the time you put into it yourself.


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