Could someone tell me what is the best way to compare, for instance the English and the French version of the user manual ? Is there a text editor with an XML parser or something like that, in order to have both versions one next to the other ? Or does everyone use a simple text editor ?

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Sujet: Re: [Inkscape-docs] splitting user manual
Date: jeudi 27 septembre 2007
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: Elisa-yemanja <yemanja@ec.yemanja.net >

png, not big of course, but we could also include some SVG when needed ;)

no i just thought on :

- when should we produce picture ?
- when should we update ?
- is there any tool to do it automatically : i've heard on one used by
RedHat but don't know much (may be Andyfitz does).
- what naming guideline ?
- what directory structure to be sure that our Makefile works fine in
any cases

and things like that




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