Hey Terry or anybody else,

I installed the puff and ruby extension on my machine.  Neither of them seems to do something.  I'm assuming that I extracted them to the correct directory because I see them both the misc -> puff under the effects now.  I also see test-> Ruby Change Color.  This also seems to have no effect. 

I should probably clarify.  I do get a dialog to pop up when I ask inkscape to run the puff effect.  I have the default value of 20 pixels and click ok.  No script runs to execute anything like all the other extensions. 

I'm running on evil windows xp.  Inkscape version 0.45.1. 

Some what disappointed as I had to extract the ruby.tar.gz file on linux machine to do the install and nothing works. 



On 5/9/07, Terry Brown <terry_n_brown@yahoo.com> wrote:

The 3d edge effect is uploaded here:

edge3d.py -

edge3d.inx -

edge3d.svg (docs) -

The Ruby based Puff effect at
http://www.colivre.coop.br/bin/view/Aurium/Puff is neat, different
approach, similar result, maybe more robust.  I've included a link
to the Puff version in the docs. for the path based Python version

Cheers -Terry

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