I am very interesting on have Inkscape natively on osx too.
I am not a coder but I can help testing it.

On 30/04/07, Michael Wybrow < michael.wybrow@infotech.monash.edu.au> wrote:

On 29/04/2007, at 6:45 PM, jiho wrote:

> On 2007-April-29  , at 03:18 , Bryce Harrington wrote:
>> On Sun, Apr 29, 2007 at 01:45:02AM +0200, Eric Bednarz wrote:
>>> I wonder what the current status of a native Inkscape version for
>>> OS X
>>> (ever since the first announced good news) is (the wiki doesn't
>>> really
>>> help [me, at least]).
>>> To cut it short:
>>> * I love Inkscape
>>> * OS X is my primary development platform these days (I do have
>>>   flavours of Windows and GNU/Linux available for testing and
>>> special
>>>   tasks, I'd like to cut that down to testing)
>>> * I want my Intuos tablet to work properly with the calligraphy tool
>>>   (did I mention that I love Inkscape?)
>>> * I'd rather pump &euro; worth of a CS3 Illustrator (missed
>>> opportunity,
>>>   as far as I'm concerned ;-) license into a worhtwhile project,
>>> if that
>>>   helps (I don't drink beer anyway [0] :-)
>> Perhaps the best place to start would be to just get that OSX wiki
>> page
>> up to date.  If it's lacking info you need, then that's probably
>> going
>> to be a stumbling block for the next guy that comes along.
>> I would suggest going through the inkscape-devel mailing list
>> archives
>> for discussion of the OSX port.  I seem to recall some detailed
>> discussions back around the time of our last release.  You can
>> also see
>> who is actively involved in it and interview them for more info.
> I recently updated the wiki page and created a section about native
> compilation...
> which is currently empty indeed.

I've updated the wiki to add a short set of instructions for using
the packaging/macosx/native-gtk/build-gtk.sh script in the Inkscape
repository to build a native-gtk dependencies tree and Inkscape
itself.  As it says there, this is relatively untested process, so
there may be a few issues.

Eric, If you do have problems using that script then please send me
an email detailing the issue and I will update the script accordingly.


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