yeah, pattern along path can be generalized.
There could be a "scatter" effect that would repeat a pathB along pathA's stroke or fill, with advanced placement feature: random, aligned, centered, custom...

But for markers however, we typically want to keep the orginal path and *stroke* it, while the markers should be *filled*... lpes don't allow that.
(there is a workaround using boolops with a cloned operator B, but that is way too complicated...)

Cheers, jfb.

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> Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2009 14:32
> we could have lpe generated markers, more or less like what
> "pattern along path" does, with improved placement of the
> pattern (= markers), but I don't like this solution, as it is
> not natural to use lpe to do a "stroking decoration"...

This could be done by a more general LPE that puts a path multiple times
along another path oriented by the tangent to that path.

Apply this LPE on path A.
This LPE's has a path B parameter along which instances are put.
There is also an array parameter listing the locations where path A
should be put along path B.
That would be convenient for tangent/perpendicular paths too. See it as
a more general 'pattern along path' LPE.
Shouldn't be too hard to make.