Choose an lpe having both a point and a path among it's parameters.
Apply it to an object. Node-edit the path parameter.
Exit node-edit mode and move the object around. Inkscape crashes when you release the mouse.
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x77c17742 in strcmp () from C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvcrt.dll

You might complain there is no such lpe in the code base. hmmm. Right. This is a virtual bug (so very difficult to reproduce!), and the reason why I submit it here and not in launchpad.
My new version of VonKoch would fit, but I don't want to commit it and get on all users nerves because of unexpected crashes...

To make it less virtual, take lpe-test-doEffect-stack (an empty effect, good for testing) .
- in lpe-test-doEffect-stack.h, add
   #include "live_effects/parameter/path.h"
   PathParam  path;

- in lpe-test-doEffect-stack.cpp, add (in the LPE creator:)
   path(_("path param"), "tooltip of path parameter", "path_param", &wr, this,"M 0,100 100,0")
   registerParameter( dynamic_cast<Parameter *>(&path) );

Is this the correct way to add a path parameter?
When I do so, the bug shows up. If I comment out every thing about either the point or the path parameter, it works fine. When both are present it crashes (adding a redefinition of the path in a resetDefaults() function does not help)

Am I missing something? any help/confirm/invalidate appreciated!

Inkscapely yours, JF.