Thanks for the reply - I had a quick look at the pstricks export code and it seems relatively straight forward. I'll tinker a bit when I get a chance.


On 30/03/07, Jasper van de Gronde <> wrote:
Adi Eyal wrote:
> The PSTricks output is a tex file - and I know that PSTricks can do
> transparency - at least they have some demos on their site with
> transparency.

Intrigued by this I had a look and indeed, it does support it. But it
only works if you then convert the file to a PDF file (and apparently
only through some special way too, but I haven't tried it myself, so I
don't know whether that's necessary).

Apparently the pstricks-add package is what does the trick, so if anyone
wants to have a look at implementing some support for this, have a look:

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