Actually there might be an issue with uninstalling Inkscape. I have noticed this yesterday when uninstalling "pre4". So I tried to uninstall the official Inkscape, installed from "Inkscape-0.47-1.exe" from the SF page. The problem is that after uninstallation almost all the files stay in the folder where Inkscape was installed. It is true that I manually changed some files after the installation:

        - I added some markers to the file "./share/markers/markers.svg" and
        - I changed the icon theme to Tango: I renamed "./share/icons/icons.svg" -> "./share/icons/icons_original.svg" and "./share/icons/tango_icons.svg" -> "./share/icons/icons.svg"

During the uninstallation I got few notifications that these files were changed and if I want to delete them anyway and I chose yes. The result was that, from what I have noticed, all the files except:

        - uninstall.exe
        - uninstall.log
        - ./share/markers/markers.svg (the folder ./share/markers was deleted as well)
        - ./share/icons/icons.svg
        - ./share/icons/tango_icons.svg (the folder ./share/icons and all the rest of the files stayed there)

stayed in the installation folder, i.e. in "c:\Program Files\Inkscape".

Hope this helps in any way.

Best regards,

On Sun, Nov 22, 2009 at 7:58 AM, Chris Morgan <> wrote:

On Sun, Nov 22, 2009 at 11:31 AM, the Adib <> wrote:
Chris, Ted,

uwesch noted that Chris made the application from the svn not from the
tarball. (The version string is affected and has the revision number).
Also inkview was missing (Additional step "btool dist-inkview" is
needed to create inkview)
I definitely did not create it from svn.  It came from the zip download (as you can surely see by the fact that it's Inkscape-0.47-1.exe, I don't go renaming things ever).
As for inkview, I follow the build instructions which do not include inkview.  If we want it, we should add dist-inkview to what dist (the default) does.  Personally I don't see much point in it except for advanced users anyway, it's never linked to from the start menu or anywhere.

Could you please tell me then what it is that uwesch has specifically against the build?
So I replaced all files that I put on The new files have
"inkscape-0.47-2-win32" in their names.
Incidentally you haven't compressed the 7z archives with Ultra, you really should to keep them as small as possible.  0.47-2 is also going to be unnerving for users when 0.47 is released... I already strongly dislike the -1 being there at all for the first release.

I am not aware of any issues at all with my builds; they follow the exact documented procedure and with the right files.

-- Chris Morgan <>

I'm good at making two things: mistakes and enemies.

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