I apologize for a bi late answer. However, thanks for additional explanation. Snapping delay is indeed a brilliant solution (which "solved" my questions of course) :)

As far as the toolbar is concerned I'd vote for a solution that fits most Inksape users. After all, when there's an option to add custom toolbars and icons this won't be such a big issue anyway. And I believe one day Inkscape will get these options as well :) I spoke more from the point of view that I got used to from CAD world and CorelDraw for example. But I believe this should not be the one and only reference, since Inkscape is already superior to those programs in quite few things  (snapping delay for example :) ).

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On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 9:04 AM, Diederik van Lierop <mail@diedenrezi.nl> wrote:
Op Vr, 16 januari, 2009 01:39, schreef Rock Star:
> The difference between creating and editing can be somehow seen from the
> video [1].

That video indeed explains everything! A few months ago I introduced a
snapping delay, which makes snapping in Inkscape much more responsive in
complex documents. That snapping delay is what you noticed when editing
objects, but it apparently it doesn't work when creating objects. I will
fix that. If however you prefer the old behavior without any delay, then
just go the preferences -> snapping and set the delay to zero.

> Now I see the problem with guides and grid and toggles. However, since I
> come more from a CAD world, I'm used of snapping to whatever is visible.
> Hence, if there are 2 grids turned on, I would expect to snap to both.
> This
> would than mean 2 more toggles. If you see grid/guides it snaps, otherwise
> not.

Maybe it isn't a problem after all to add an additional toggle in series.
When creating a grid, the per-grid snapping is turned on by default. So if
a user is not aware of this then he won't notice, and if he turns it off
then... well, that's his/here responsibility ;-). So we would end up with
these options in series:

1) the global snapping toggle      -> EVERY USER MUST KNOW ABOUT THIS**
3) the PER-GRID snapping toggle    -> ON BY DEFAULT
4) snap bounding box corners toggle or the snap nodes toggle
                                  -> EVERY USER MUST KNOW ABOUT THIS TOO**

**) ... but only if they care about snapping obviously.

> Anyway, thanks for the answer and additional explanation.

You're welcome. Thanks for your feedback!