Hello Joakim,

My name is Henrik Larsson. I did a lot of updates of the Swedish translation during the fall last year (between 0.44 and 0.45). I have not been able to spend any time during the release process for for 0.45, but I plan to continue with the Swedish translation of Inkscape.

I am happy that you like Inscape and would like to help with the Swedish translation. We can work together with the translation work. It is always easier if one has someone to discuss translation issues.

I will contact you directly with information how to do the actual translation.

Best Regards,


2007/1/24, Joakim Svensson < joakim@ideograms.se>:
First of all, I would like to thank all the guys involved with Inkscape,
it's truly a useful application and it's nice to see how many languages
that are supported.
This brings me to the point, my native language is Swedish, and the
translation for Inkscape with Swedish is far from complete. My English
skills are probably enough to make a translation, but although I'm a
fairly experienced computer user, I can't make out where to start the
translation process. I guess the translation is stored in a separate
file of some kind, but where is it? Is there anything else, besides this
I should know before digging in?

Thanks in advance

Joakim Svensson

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