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On Sun, Feb 8, 2009 at 9:53 PM, Josh Andler <scislac@gmail.com> wrote:

Isn't it a goal to get the on-canvas text editing via the Text Tool to a point that the Text & Font dialog can be removed? I'm mainly wondering because it seems like if that is the case, the proposed work to the dialog would effectively be a waste of resources.

Do you mean something like context menus or perhaps (what I'd rather have in mind) popup windows which pop up next to the text items and from which you can edit the properties, sort of like a pop-up ribbon maybe? That sounds like a great idea! Is it that what you meant?


Long time no see! I hope all is well. Do you have any idea as to the scope of what they will be funding? Is it depending on what is proposed, or is there a set amount of money allotted?

It depends really on what has been proposed. I don't know about the general amount of money they can spend.
I'm not sure if we can still change the scope of what I'm about to do because the negotiations seem to be in a final stage, however if this should not be possible, I can take care of coding whatever I'll be doing now so that it could be easily rearranged into the aforementioned popups, the widgets used and the "frontend backend" code will just have to be generic enough.


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