Hey Matiphas,

First, thanks for your valuable instructions. :)

I did all the steps as soon as I saw your email: I have sent an email with the number of the patch to Joshua Andler since last saturday, but he haven't replied me yet.

I will now send an email to the pt_BR.po maitainer to let him know about what's going on.

I would like to know if there's time to get my translation added in the next stable release (0.44) ? I hope so, since pt_BR users will benefit from it.

Best regards,

-- Thiago Pimentel

2006/6/3, Matiphas <matiphas@free.fr>:

>         Do you have a web/ftp site i can download your xml files
>         from ?
>         Or send them to me by email (zipped please), and i'll take a
>         look at
>         them.
> Sure, check your inbox :)
The files you've sent me are ok.

Now a few remaining tasks for you :
- place a zip file of them in the patch tracker (that is submit a new
- warn Scislac by email (provide him the number of the patch you've just

When Scislac has integrated them
-warn the pt_BR.po file maintainer so that he can link the interface to
those files in pt_BR.po
- warn this list : we need to add your name/mail in the translators

At the end of this process, pt_BR users will benefit from your work !
Thanks a lot,