Hey great translation Inkscape community,

Riding in the wave of all the recent translation talking, here's my 2 cents: after working in the last 10 days or so, finally I finished the translation (based on the latest original english version of the tutorials) of the seven nice  default tutorials (including all its illustrations captions) into my mother tongue, Brazillian Portuguese, also "geeky" known as pt_BR.  :)

Although I tried my best in this work, both in translation and proofreading, (and I think the final text is pretty good to the novice user; I myself started it to know Inkscape better), undoubtedly, it can be improved, so that it would be cool if other translators consider working on it too. I'm always willing to team up for a more learner-friendly pt_BR version .

I think that even speakers of other Portuguese language variations could benefit from this translation, so I hope it may encourage more native portuguese speakers to join the Inkscape community.

But I still didn't send all the files to Joshua Andler yet because I didn't know exactly how to run xmllint on the xml sources. Could someone give some hint on it?

Thanks in advance,

-- Thiago Pimentel