Hey Ted,

Thanks for doing this! For the record, I believe that the calligraphic-presets.h was created to make those translatable, as they weren't before. I may be wrong, but could swear that was why.


On Aug 23, 2009 10:00 PM, "Ted Gould" <ted@gould.cx> wrote:


After too much delay, some for good and some for stupid reasons I've
finally uploaded a pre2 source package for Inkscape.  This is VERY close
to the final 0.47 release so it's important that people pay attention
and we don't let things fall through the cracks.


There should be packages available shortly, packagers please reply to
this message with information regarding those.

Please discuss any release critical bugs or other information regarding
the release on the inkscape-devel mailing list.

=== MD5 Sums ===

de351d81cca9f99b3a1fb4faa36c723d  inkscape-0.47pre2.tar.bz2
77c6ea1245618af69381067c90e57afc  inkscape-0.47pre2.tar.bz2.asc
ccced173f66611591006d16ea6a200b4  inkscape-0.47pre2.tar.gz
3df60bde0ca2ef28db283c285d5511b1  inkscape-0.47pre2.tar.gz.asc
cb94fa821bff40970260f9530cc0bd84  inkscape-0.47pre2.zip
710c523dfdcf10ad39753788baefba90  inkscape-0.47pre2.zip.asc


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