On Mar 26, 2008, at 12:51 PM, Joshua Blocher wrote:

I'm not sure if a branch is really even need as is right now since

cmake build files are not makefiles.

They shouldn't affect anyone not trying cmake out and since it not

complete yet there is little chance of that.

I worry about losing sync with trunk in a branch.

If the group feels that it better done in a branch i will put it there.

Well... as long as you don't break the build, then a branch might not be warranted.

However, I do think a good page on the wiki summarizing things would be helpful. Maybe include a table or two with feature support and requirements, etc.

For example, platform support is a key factor. I use SCons as an example. A while back the big project that adopted cmake had adopted SCons prior to that. Partly due to that we'd considered using SCons at least for a bit. However, when I tried to get a small project that used SCons working on OS X it failed. Aside from the project's scons scripts I even tried hacking the SCons sources themselves, but the basic problem hit was just a total blocker on OS X.

Oh, and I'm also *very* strongly against recursive make. Recursive Make Considered Harmful.

I've seen many "make is broken" problems solved by just moving away from recursive makefiles.

but... the main point is that a wiki page to collect this info would be most helpful.