On Oct 29, 2007, at 5:55 PM, jiho wrote:

I think the unification of UI is not so much a matter of comparing  

Inskcape with Gimp and Scribus but rather Inkscape with the rest of  

GTK (and even QT) apps out there. Most of them are or will soon be  

using Tango icons, at least because of the mere fact that Gnome uses  

them so all stock icons will be Tangoified. So it is about having a  

entirely unified desktop rather than just a suite (and this would  

definitely matter to me... if I was using Linux ;))

I think here we hit the point where we need to hook in standard loading to get the icons, not create a whole new set that is a duplicate. Then we can get good icons, even when people use accessibility modes.

To restate, first we need to get effort into our icon loading code. That will pay off more.