On Feb 21, 2008, at 1:17 AM, Marcin Floryan wrote:

How do you plan the behaviour if there palette is really small (few

colours). It seems that at the moment the colours have to occupy the

entire visible space of the control so if there are very few (and

constrained to squares) short palettes always tend to be big. Would it

be good to have each colour a box of fixed dimensions?

That's not quite how things work. We say "please Mr. GTK Layout, give this widget a 4x4 square space".

Unfortunately now that the horizontal scrollbar is "when needed", GTK says "phooey on you, I need at least 40 pixels height, so deal with it"

One workaround to keep fixed size swatches would be to fill the rest of the area with grey. The problem is that you tend to have a lot of wasted space. So when GTK+ says "You get 640x40, and I don't care that you wanted 32x4", then we go ahead and use that space so it is not just wasted.