On Apr 28, 2007, at 1:27 AM, jiho wrote:

OK that's the reason behind the paintbrush then. This is important (I  

guess your "minor" was ironic). It could be a bit smaller though. Are  

you the author of the icon? Do you think I could try to modify it a  

little? Anyway, I'll use this application icon to produce document  

icons following the HIG (with correct badges) and if the icon ever  

changes it will be easy to update the document icons.

I think "minor" was perhaps not ironic. Having a consistent icon across platforms is also good, so we have two contrasting goals on that icon.

No, I did not make that icon, I was just aware of the reason it is how it is.

For the document icons, the HIG page there shows the "tool" present in the application icon, but not on the document icons.