Hi all,

First time posting on the Inkscape mailing lists, so I hope this is the right place for a small feature discussion.

I've been trying to move around .svg files created with Inkscape, only to find out that paths are by default absolute when linking external images. Manually editing the XML files or using the image property window works, sure, but it's tedious if you have a lot of images.

It seems to me that Inkscape *should* understand that I'm trying to link files from the exact same directory as the .svg file, and automatically use relative paths. I've found a wiki page about this and more (http://wiki.inkscape.org/wiki/index.php/Image_links_manager), as well as somebody else with the same issues (https://answers.launchpad.net/inkscape/+question/77201) since 2009, and I wondered : what is the status on that feature?

Now, this is slightly above the "inkscape user" level, but if nobody's working on it and you don't mind me trying, I can submit a patch in a few days for the "automatically use relative paths" feature, at the very least.