Hi all,

I am trying to reproduce this effect - http://www.shlomifish.org/art/bk2hp/ -
that I originally did in Corel-DRAW using Inkscape. Now, for that I used an
envelope effect that construed the text like so:

\                     |
 \                    |
  |                   |
 /                    |
/                     |

And later on applied perspective. However, when I attempt to do it using
Inkscape, I get some deformation/mutation at the top and bottom like so -
http://imgur.com/SdUWXA6 and don't want that.

I've been considering to implement my own transformation on the points of the
path using this equation -
https://github.com/shlomif/Shlomi-Fish-Back-to-my-Homepage-Logo/blob/master/back-to-my-homepage-logo/parabola-calculations.svg ,

but I hope to avoid it. Can anyone give me any leads?


    Shlomi Fish

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