true with modifiers
we really no need for spiro splines - since the important work is done using nodes
also we no need outlines for shapes because they show lines as they are modified by bezier modifiers

I will arrive home and I will put online my screenshoots from the the testing phase (with comments)
this night I will compile your branch again ..

2012/11/9 Jabier Arraiza <>
Thanks for your help Sorin.

In spiro paths there are "two kinds of node type" cusp node (all except
SYMM node) or spyiro node (SYMM node).

I think about to avoid the creation of beizer modifiers, and by default
make all clicks SYMM nodes and when you press for example alt key the
node is cusp.  What we think about this feature? Its the mode i think to
use whith the next project B-Spline.

The other think can do is retain the spiro pen tool more similar to
normal beizer pen, like now, but whith a little effort -work comented in
code-, we can make extend the spiro redraw when dragging the last beizer
modifier. Whe think is usefool?

Sorin i post it to inkscape mailing list, think is not problem to you.

Sorry again for my bad english, Jabier.

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De: Nemes Sorin <>
Asunto: Re: Testing SpiroLive
Fecha: Wed, 07 Nov 2012 12:17:02 +0800

On 11/06/2012 05:26 PM, Jabier Arraiza wrote:
> Thanks very much for your very extended info.
> You think is good show the spiro when dragging the final handle?
> Thanks again, Jabier
yes - I have no problems at all

I've tested yesterday late night the spiro branchusing an original method
so I've started to create veryabstract shapes and curves with line tools
then using spline nodes I've adjusted them to the desired shapes

as far I can observe the secret consist in dealing with node types - so
I think users should be informed HOW TO work with nodes and node type -
to adjust splines, rather than bezier modifiers (which they will try
hard first) - a little video or few animated GIF images on Inkscape
manual and website would help a lot

all in all Spiro Splines branch of Inkscape performed well
after few minutes of work I can perform well with splines and I can
create my desired shapes

I didn't see any performance penalties yet

Nemes Ioan Sorin