Just two cents :
1) would be nice to have the text baseline (for control name and numbers) aligned  on the middle distance between top and bottom inner borders 
(on my Mint Maya text top touch the colored area of the slider top border )

2) Probably the numeric input control can be activated just on the right mouse click over numbers  (and deactivated by an outside click or when the focus is lost ) - this way an overlap of events can be avoided

..not the third coin here - but a suggestion - it would be perfect to have a visual indicator (..like a color change) when the cursor make the switch from vertical arrow (normal mode) to horizontal arrows (precision mode) and the mouse cursor is still over the slider.

as is now, is not very convenient and I observed I have to put a lot of focus and attention on the slider area  ..but with the old slider control everything was just point and drag
..probably for the peace of mind and commodity a combination of Ctrl + Drag on the slider will be a better choice for switching to "precision mode" - a status bar notification can indicate this action  when the cursor is over the slider or when the slider is activated in "normal" mode.


2012/11/4 Ivan Louette <ivan_louette@yahoo.fr>
Thanks for your reply ! And thanks a lot also for your work at squashing bugs !!! :)

In fact when building the filters I tried to manage the most directly useable presets, even for custom filters. And yes I appreciate a lot using mouse wheel for adjustement (but I don't remember if wheel adjustment worked on windows) ; that's why I asked to Jazzynico to make custom filters the most progressive possible, often using floating point. But on the other hand when I create new filters from existing one or not I would be able to enter precise numerical values. In some cases if I delicately click or double-click on numerical values that works, but not always because this area seems to be very sensitive. There aren't other problems.


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Objet : Re: [Inkscape-devel] Something annoying with new sliders and filters

Hi Ivan,

Thanks for the feedback ...

> While the new sliders could be smart

Any suggestions to make them smarter ?

> when you try to click on numerical values because then often the slider instantly increase up to the highest value

You shouldn’t really need to click on the numerical values,
* Clicking anywhere on the slider will put the focus to the numerical values.
* Mouse wheel scroll on the slider will also set focus to the numerical values.
* There should be only a few pixels above the numerical values where the slider value jumps

Any suggestions for improvement more that welcome ...

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