Sorry for delay
..but I am in China now and I have to deal with some factories right now ( 'till now I've just played a little bit - all seems to work ok - maybe we should ask other peoples too ;) ) 

I think I'll have enough time today when I will turn back to apartment to complete a more complete test set.  

my computer is not very slow not very fast : 32 bit Intel Quad Core, 4 Gb RAM, ATI Radeon HD  5570 with AMD driver (not open-source driver). OS is Linux Mint Maya with MATE as desktop with Compiz as window manager and AWN as dock / panel

with this setup inkscape is still very responsive
I'll let you know about the whole ..a bit later when I come back
maybe we can talk later over Skype or other IM client ..

2012/11/6 Jabiertxo Arraiza Cenoz <>
Hi SorinN.
How are your testing? I'm not enoft specific?
Thanks for your time compiling. I want to know if SpiroLive is mature to
propose to merge. ¿Whath do you think about?
Hi, Jabier.

Nemes Ioan Sorin