I agree. Additionally, something like this would be incredibly useful for printing purposes when you export "area is page". If you have objects that bleed over the the edge, you generally want to export a slightly larger PDF to include a few mm over the edge of the page, so it can be trimmed down to size afterwards.

Slightly different use-case, perhaps, but very similar functionality.

It would be quite useful to make it a per-document preference.

I believe the PDF format can explicitly specify "bleed" and "display" regions, or similar. Making sensible use of those feature would seem a good idea, but that said, I've found most printers can work just fine with a slightly larger-than-page PDF.

 - Bryan

On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 10:04 AM, Johan Engelen <jbc.engelen@swissonline.ch> wrote:
Hi all,
   When I export to PDF, I generally  use "area is drawing", (that has
now been renamed to "exported object's size" but should be "selected
object's size" I believe, or in case nothing is selected "drawing size"
or something that current users will recognize).
To create a little bit of breathing room for the drawing, I would like
to add a little margin to the area of the drawing. Does this make sense
to you to add to the export options?
"Extra margin:  10 px" or whatever unit.


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