aha, that makes sense.

Thank you for pointing that out. They have been removed now. Not in trunk just yet to...going to test it a little bit more.

Good to know...will remember to remove the files as well in the future also.

Christoffer Holmstedt

2013/7/23 Krzysztof KosiƄski <tweenk.pl@gmail.com>
2013/7/23 Christoffer Holmstedt <christoffer.holmstedt@gmail.com>:
> While working on the metadata enhancements I've realised that there are
> quite a few lines of dead code. Even the entire file of
> document-metadata.cpp|h seems to be left overs from 0.48 when Document
> Metadata was in its own window (now within document properties).
> With limited testing going on (or perhaps just me missing out on it?) what
> is the best practice to remove as much dead code as possible and nothing
> more without breaking stuff?
> ### On a more specific problem
> I've just tested to remove src/ui/dialog/document-metadata.cpp|h from
> Makefile_insert and done a clean build though I ended up with a compilation
> error that I've a hard time understanding. First of all I think that the
> DocumentMetadata is instantiated somewhere though the error message points
> to panel-dialog.h which is a template and to "/panel/home-dialog.h" which is
> a file I don't think exists in the source. Any help is appreciated.

The messages are scrambled because you are running the linker in
parallel; the linker for inkscape is writing to the console at the
same time as the linker for inkview, and you get a garbled mix of
their messages.

You are getting the linking errors because DocumentMetadata is still
referenced in ui/dialog/dialog-manager.cpp lines 101 and 135 and
verbs.cpp line 1950.

When testing removal of files, you should not only remove them from
Makefile_insert, but also remove them physically, e.g. using "bzr rm".
You can always revert them later. When files are removed from
makefiles but still present in the source tree, the headers can still
be included, which will lead to errors once you actually remove the

Regards, Krzysztof