The F8 key will work for text object. But I would like a single key that will work for all the objects.

For example, if I have selected an object and I want to edit it. I have to press F4 if the type of the selected object rectangle and F8 if the type is Text.

Whereas mouse double click recognizes the object type and appropriately invokes the corresponding tool.  I just want the invoke the double click functionality using the a single key that will work for all the objects.

On 2 September 2014 12:58, Vasco <> wrote:

On 02-09-14 06:12, Dipak Chaudhari wrote:
> In the the link you have sent, there is a functionality called "edit the
> object"
> in section "Selector > Select (mouse) > click + click : edit the object"
> I would like to bind a key to this functionality.
> I want the functionality exactly replicating the mouse double click
> behavior.
> F2 can be a substitute for this. It can be replicate "edit the object"
> functionality for the shape nodes (like rectangle) but it does not
> replicate the behavior for text nodes.
> For instance, on double clicking a text node, I can edit the text, but
> pressing F2 on a text node does not allow me to edit the text in the node.
This functionality is already in inkscape. For text nodes: press F8,
this opens the text tool.


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