I've put together something that might be interesting for Inkscape-users (as I am myself)

As a side effect of an effort to create multi-colored webfonts, I've written a Ruby script that converts an Inkscape file to a SVG font.

The workflow would be as follows:

-Open a pre-build 'template' SVG file
-This file contains:
  - an Inkscape layer for each character
  - guides for the basic font metrics
  - per layer an extra rectangle to indicate the character-width
-Draw a character in each layer. (and make sure they're 'paths')
-adjust the guides to match your font metrics (ascenders, descenders, x-height, cap-height)
-save the file as a SVG file
-run the script
--> SVG font!!!

The font can now be edited further in, for example, FontForge and exported to TTF etc.

Everything is still very much 'in progress' but it might already be of interest for some of you.

I've put a more elaborate explanation on my website, together with a link to the scripts in GitHub:

Ofcourse, feedback is very welcome!

(I know Inscape has a build in font-editor, but I find it quite clumsy to use. This script doesn't use it at all.)

I hope you don't mind I advertise my work in this way, but apart from some feedback and help, there's no earnings in it for me and if it turns out to be helpful for you, the community only gains from it.