I worked on a related question for exporting to odg. You may have a look at:

Look for the function OdfOutput::processStyle for sample code which could probably help you further. Item is a pointer to a normal SPItem structure (which you should be able to deduce from the selection).

(no further help possible, sorry)

Regards, K.

2013/6/30 Arshdeep Singh <moduli16@gmail.com>
I am currently working on retrieving the objects selected on the canvas.
Can someone help me with information on how to use 

getStyleProperty(gchar const *key, gchar const *def) {...} ?

I basically need to check if the style is solid fill and then retrieve the color.

I tried these variants: 1.) getStyleProperty("fill","1") = gibes me entire style field in XML editor except the 'fill' keyword written.

2) getStyleProperty("color",NULL) : (null) is returned.

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