that would be great.
  I am familiar with "compiling" a po from pot, but wasn't sure about the "freshness" of the pot itself.

Lucas Vieites

2012/9/3 Nicolas Dufour <nicoduf@yahoo.fr>
Hi Lucas,

> De : Lucas Vieites <lucas@codexion.com>
>  Personally I have no possibility of downloading the source tree to compile them myself so if someone with "commit" access could do that it would be great.
>  I know that there are still changes to be made to the version before a "String Freeze", but I think it would be useful to be able to start working.

The po files are a bit old, but inkscape.pot is (almost) always up to date, and thus you can update your translation file with 'msgmerge -Uv mylang.po inkscape.pot' (ok, you need msgmerge...)

I've planned a massive update later this week, but there are some string changes that need to be reviewed and committed first.