I'd vote 2 or 3. I'm merciless for the record, but after the poll I did with devs and translators I feel 2 is a kinder option.


On Dec 18, 2011 4:58 PM, "Alex Valavanis" <valavanisalex@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi All,

As we move towards GTK3 compatibility , we're going to run into a lot
of backward-compatibility issues.  For easy cases like bug #800565
[1], we can just add code alternatives, but there are other situations
where this isn't really desirable.  An example would be fixing
deprecated symbols in our copy of GDL... I'd really prefer to import
changes from upstream rather than increasing the size of our diff any
further.  However, the upstream fix for one of the GDL issues requires
gtk+ 2.22.

The question is when to start bumping the gtk+ version requirement for
Inkscape?  If we want to support LTS linux distros, we could be
waiting a **very** long time.  For example... Ubuntu Lucid (LTS) has
no GTK+3 library, and only gtk+ 2.20, and is supported until April

Options include...
1. Keep our linux LTS-release support rigorously; don't make any gtk
code updates that introduce a gtk > 2.20 dependency (unless there are
easy code-alternatives for backward compatibility).  Eventually move
on when common LTS distros reach end-of-life.

2. Gradually inch forward with dependency versions.  Drop linux
LTS-release support for trunk, but maintain support for all current
non-LTS distro versions (e.g. Ubuntu Maverick and higher).

3. Charge ahead mercilessly towards compatibility with the current
stable GTK version (currently 3.2).  Break support for linux
distributions as required, and laugh heartily in the faces of the
grieving users.

Any thoughts?


[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/inkscape/+bug/800565

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