On Nov 14, 2012 7:20 PM, "Bryce Harrington" <bryce@canonical.com> wrote:
All board members, please vote on each of the following proposals.


1.  We (the Inkscape organization) receive $500/mentor paid by Google.
    Should we:

    [ ]  a. Keep the money for the Inkscape organization
    [ ]  b. Pay it to the mentor.  The mentor can opt to refuse the
            payment, in which case it will go to the Inkscape

2.  If the $500/mentor payments are made to the mentor (1b), should 10%
    of this amount be given back to the Software Freedom Conservancy?

    [ ]  a. Yes, withhold 10% of mentor payments for the Conservancy
    [ ]  b. No, do not withhold 10% from mentor payments.

3.  If the $500/mentor payments are made to the mentor (1b), should 10%
    of this amount be kept for Inkscape itself?

    [ ]  a. Yes, keep 10% for the Inkscape organization.
    [ ]  b. No, do not withhold 10% from mentor payments.


Historically most mentors have let Inkscape keep the $500, but it was
always our (unwritten) intention that the disposition of this money was
up to the discretion of the mentor.  More recently mentors have asked to
be paid this money, so they can use it for offsetting travel costs for
LGM and GSoC events, or for other purposes.

However, Bradley Kuhn points out that this is not the standard policy of
Google; they merely pay out the $500/mentor to the organization, and
it's up to them what to do with it.  Our involvement in GSoC pre-dates
the existance of the Inkscape board, and thus our approach is more of a
tradition than an official policy.  Mr. Kuhn wishes to know our official
policy on this matter.

He has also asked that we consider contributing 10% of money received by
Inkscape back to the Conservancy (see the other referendum posted
today), to help offset costs for bookkeeping and other needs.  There is
a question as to whether this 10% would be required of mentor payments
as well.


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