SVG itself doesn't actually have layers in the specification. Our layers just are special groups with a little extra info to identify them as layers in Inkscape.

Unless it gets added to the spec or Adobe found it useful to handle our special groups, it isn't likely they will ever support them.

The only possible workaround I can think of (but can't test) would be to save as PDF from Inkscape and see if it ratings the layers that way.

Hopefully someone can prove me wrong on this.


On Aug 20, 2013 9:22 PM, "Chris Mohler" <> wrote:
Hi list!

I usually lurk on inkscape-devel, and this is my first post here.

I'm looking for help with creating multi-layer drawings in Inkscape
and opening them in Illustrator while preserving the layer structure,
if possible.  Any tips?

I use both programs all the time, but usually when I'm going
back-and-forth between the two it's something simple - a trace, a
single layer, etc., not a multi-layer composition.


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